Vehicle Licensing Available Here

Compton Accounting

March 20, 2015

A service that Compton Accounting has added to its criteria is licensing for cars and trucks. We not only can do registration stickers, but at the Altona location you can do title and registration work as well. So no more going to the DMV, taking a number and waiting. However there are small convenience fees, such as:

Stickers:                                                                           Title & Registration Fee:

             1 to 3 stickers are $7.50                                        $25.00 per transaction                        

              4 to 6 stickers are $15.00                          

              7 to 9 stickers are $22.50

Altona is not our only location that does licensing work. If you need a new registration sticker, you can visit our New Windsor location as well. If you need title and registration work you have to come to our Altona office. If you have any questions about licensing work please call 309-484-8888 and ask for Laura or you can call 309-667-2315 for the New Windsor location and ask for Molly.


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