Fall into Portals

Compton Accounting

October 3, 2014

          Good morning, I hope everybody is having a wonderful day on this lovely Fall morning. We here at Compton Accounting have been very busy updating our systems, and cleaning up some old clutter we had lying around. So we can get things in tip top shape for tax season which is just around the corner.

          We are still continuing our training for the Portals which we fully intend on using this coming tax season. We already started using it with some clients, and everything seems to be running smoothly. We have also been using Temporary Portals for our bankers and lawyers that need information as well, only with your permission. The Portals are really convenient and easy to use. The clients really seem to like them.

        We have had some concerns about security from certain clients because they don't want their identities stolen, which we fully understand. At Compton's we know how hard everybody works for their paycheck and we understand that you don't want anybody to have access to ANY of your financial records. I assure you that this system is 100% secure. We wouldn't use this system if we had any doubts about it. We have been working really hard with another compnay who has been using the portals for years to ensure that your records are safe.

       Thomson Reuters is a Forbes 2000 Company. They have been hosting online applications for more than a decade. The NetClient CS applications are hosted at some of the largest, most secure data centers in the world. It uses the industry's most advanced security and reliability measures to keep your data safe, including:

 * Built-in redundancy: Multiple data locations, internet connections, and power sources keep your portal up and running at all times.

  * Secure password protection: A comprehensive password system provides you with worry-free access.

 *256-bit encryption: This protects your data as it travels between the data center and your computer or mobile device. And, with numerous 3rd party audits, including a Type 1SSAE16 SOC2 audit, you can be confident your data is secure.


         Here at Compton Accounting we are working our best to serve you and protect your records from any financial fraud.

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